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By H. Jackson Brown


Its hard to lie when you are looking into
your mother's eyes.

The more mistakes you make, the cleverer
you get.

Saying "Hello" to somebody today can result
in a new friend tomorrow.

If you are still talking about what you did
yesterday, you haven't done much today.

A minute of extra thinking beforehand can
save hours of worry later.

People surprise you - Sometimes the person
you expect to kick you when you're down,
will be the one to help you get back up.

Keep your words soft and tender because
tomorrow you may have to eat them.

When you're too busy for friends, you're
too busy.

A mother is only as happy as her child.

Be open-minded, but not so open-minded
that your brains fall out.

Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us
have gears we never use.

No situation is so bad that losing your
temper won't make it worse.

A kindness done is never lost. It may take
a while, but like a suitcase on a airport
baggage conveyor belt, it will return again.

Opportunities are never lost, someone will
take the one you miss.


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