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"I have not lost my mind - it's backed up on 
disk somewhere." 

"To ask the hard question is simple.
-W. H. Auden

"An idea can turn to dust or magic,
depending on the talent that rubs
against It."

"Life is: trying things to see if they work'"
~Ray Bradbury~

Whenever man comes up with a better
mousetrap, nature immediately comes
up with a better mouse.
~James Carswell~

"One sees great things from the valley,
only small things from the peak."
~G. K. Chesterton~

"When the way comes to an end, then
change - having changed, you pass
~I Ching!~

Music is the art of thinking with sounds.
~Jules Combarie~

Everything should be made as simple as
possible, but not simpler.
~Albert Einstein~

Whether you believe you can, or whether
you believe you can't, you're absolutely
~Henry Ford~

To live is to have problems and to solve
problems is to grow intellectually
~J. P. Guilford~

One cannot step twice into the same river.

A person needs a little madness, or else
they never dare cut the rope and be free.
~Nikos Kazantzakis~

The only joy in the world is to begin.
~Cesare Pavese~

Teachers open the door, but you must
enter by yourself.
~Chinese Proverb~

Remember that happiness is a mode of
travel, not a destination.
~Roy Goodman Kat~





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