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Love is a tender message passed between hearts.
A message sent by heart and received by heart
A message with no wordings, A message filled with
feelings to be expressed.

Love the most vibrant and everlasting gift a person can give.
A gift most people can refuse to ignore.
A gift which strings your heart every minute, every hour
of every day....

A gift which consoles and soothes you in times of hatred,
envy and jealousy, A gift you always wish to return
more than you receive.

A gift which answers all the questions of the heart.
A gift which makes the core of happiness and
satisfaction supreme over wealth and fame.

A gift which compels the heart to retaliate similarly.

Then why send card, gold, diamonds when Nature's
most exotic and reserved gifts are there in your heart.

Love is all that you need to give to make sure your pal
is filled with happiness and gratitude to last for a lifetime.

Express it and you'll never have to despair. Take my word for it !


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